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December 30th: I Have Done It! December 30, 2013

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That’s right folks! I did it! With all that hard work that I did I was able to accomplish, I not only succeeded my goal but I also surpassed my goal! Since March 12th, 2013 I have lost 55 pounds. I can’t believe it but I am super excited.
I have never felt better and have learned so much about myself. I learned it doesn’t matter what I weigh or what I look like I’m still a genuine person.
So remember it doesn’t matter what the book looks like from the outside because the pages might be better. So before you discard that book that was not very interesting from the outside, flip through the inside to see what really counts.


October 6th: Hanging In There October 6, 2013

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Good afternoon readers,


This is my new hobby



Yes in fact it has been a long time since I have wrote a post on here, but that doesn’t mean that I forgot about you. Life has been very crazy now that I work full-time, I also go to school full-time, and I am training to hopefully get into an academy soon. But one thing that is for sure…I would never change anything in my life right now.
Although I don’t live in my own condo anymore and my roommate is my mother, I still love my situation. Somethings in life you just can’t change, so you just have to hang in there and ride it out.



Some of the great things that have been going on are;
1. I have lost 45 pounds so far with, 5 pounds left to go! Things are fitting that have never fit in my entire life. It has been years since I weighed 145lbs. I am so proud of myself. The courage I have shown myself that I can stay and stick with this diet and to accomplish this goal means the world to me!
2. Work is going amazing! I love my job and I love the people I work with 🙂
3. I am going to school for criminal justice now. I think this is a great change for me because I am finally learning stuff that I actually want to learn.

20131006-103853.jpgI was able to get over a solid wood six-foot wall. I have been training and training for a long time now and finally pushed myself over a six-foot wall.


Although I do have some significant bruises and soreness, it is a great accomplishment for me to have the strength and agility to get myself over this six-foot wall.

My advice for anyone is to just hang in there and ride it out. You may be on the floor right now, but there’s only one thing you can do to help yourself and that is to stand up and take that first step in the right direction


June 28th: WEIGH-IN WED-FRI-DAY! June 28, 2013

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(Down 28lbs)



Yep! That’s right…Here is my attempt at another Weigh-In Wednesday!

Even though it is in the early hours of Friday morning…I feel like time is standing still. My life is still a freakin’ mess, but I am alive and kicking!

  • “My life can only get better”, is what I keep telling myself.
  • Although I do have a safe place to stay right now, I am not welcome to stay here for much longer. I am grateful for all the support I have received, as well as, the advice I have been given in the last couple of weeks…I still feel so alone.
  • Not being on the schedule I have chosen to live for the last 12 weeks, I have in the last week lost 7lbs. I am not gripping that I have lost so much weight after having about a month struggling with gaining/not loosing weight, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with all the stress in my life.
  • I am successfully out of my lease at my condo. Bc of what happen with my lovely druggie neighbors, and the owner wanting to sell the property, my management company let me out without repercussions. Thank goodness! I will miss my condo, my life I had over there for the last 6 years, and the routine I am oh so comfortable with. I will not miss the tweekers, the druggies, the whores, and the daily dog attacks that I had to deal with each and every day. I should not have to pay rent and keep my gun next to my door, or have to carry my pepper spray with me at all times when I am outside!

    Went over to my condo the other day to drop boxes off and found this in the parking lot!

  • As for work…well…what can I say about work? I love it! I love being with the guests and in such a unique neighbor. Although the work is challenging, I still love my hotel and my guests so much. I have had a bit of a rough start to say the least. I do not feel like my manager knows what is going on with my training and there is some sort of rat race between some of the staff. I have always been a person that does not let my personal life and my work life get in the way of each other, and I regret to admit that they have  started to meld together and not for the good. I have never been in such challenging situations with my life, in and out of work, but I am only human and can only learn how to balance things better.

There are some things that I have learned while braving this insane storm is that… It may pore when it rains, but with all the rain, there is a flood. With that flood, there is a new start to life…all the bad is washed away and you are able to start over from the ground up. There will always be that storm in the distance, and when it comes and it will come, you can start up again when that time comes.

I am just human…right?


There’s No Do Overs, What’s Done Is Done June 23, 2013

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Wow!!!! Yes I no…it’s been awhile…but what’s done is done. Life as I have known it to be for so long, is no more.

The saying, “when it rains, it pores” is such an understatement when it comes to my life as I have known it to be for so many years. I am just hoping that with all this “rain” there will be a flood. As floods do best…they will wash away the weak and leave the strong behind.

Quick update:
-I’m still on my diet.
–I have cheated twice….and it was KFC. After going 13weeks, I needed my fried chicken fix.

-I am on my third week at my new job.
–Which I believe to be going quite well. I really love my new guests and can’t wait for them to get to know me over time.

-My health could be better…but…I’m still alive and kicking!

-I am off so many past medications that I am truly proud of myself!

-I had to move for many reasons. Most important one being that I am safe.

-Moving is never a fun thing when you look back on all the memories that have been made in a now such sad place. I am hoping that flood will bring great change in a World of such instability.

I only ask to be able to find land once again and crawl slowly ashore once more.

Until the next time we meet again…always keep a pair of flouties in your back pocket, bc you never know when you’ll need them!
Forever Krista


May 30th: Weigh-In Wednesday! May 30, 2013

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(Down 20lbs)


Good Afternoon Adventurers!

Well…my meds are messing with me again. I didn’t lose or gain any weight. Stephanie my coach, explained that it is just water weight and that because I lost 5lbs last week that it may have been a body shock. That not to worry because it will come off next week. It is still unnerving when you are  doing everything you are suppose to do and it is not working. The only thing that can explain this issue would be my medical condition that requires me to take certain medications that effect my water and salt intake. The way I think about it is…well…far enough… I just have to stay strong and keep truckin’ on like I have been doing my entire life.

GolfingNot much else has changed. I have been trying to find new ways


and/or trails that will fulfill my PA this last week. I learned that my Uncle and his girlfriend we in town and my Dad invited me to go golfing. I am not a good golfer by any means! And that is giving me to much credit…to much so that I actually hit my Uncle with my ball…WHO DOES THAT!!!!????!!!!! Oh geez! My Dad and I could not stop laughing! It was so hilarious!

You can see my Uncle Teeing off right now and my Dad thinking
of some sort of plan to mess his brother up somehow…that is just how my family is…lol! I am far ahead for one; the tee for women is way closer, and two; I had to hide from both of them from hitting me with their ball. Yes, as you can see that actually happens while I am playing with them. Yes that is my camelbak on  my back while I was golfing! Even though I am not a good golfer, I don’t go to play the game…I go to spend precious time with my family. It is all about the memories that you make with those that you love!


  1. Find a new recipe to make with the entrées that I have.
  2. Do most of my PA on the weekend.

So what have I learned this last few weeks….Do diligence is very important. When something isn’t up to par, just keep trying! But don’t do it alone. I live my life to make memories with those that are important and those that I love. I love insert new memories into my mind cabinet to later take them out when I am feeling alone and against the World. Without those precious times you have, you will never be able to relate to anyone with a heart in this World. The more you learn about others, the better person you will become. Life is about forever learning and to diligently fill your life with what is important to you and what isn’t. Don’t get caught up with the small things that try to force those memories away. Life is about filling your life with Love*Health*Happiness.



(A tattoo I have on my foot that I received in Dublin Ireland)


May 25th: Weigh-In Wednesday…Ok Ok I know it’s Saturday! May 25, 2013

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(Down 20lbs)


Goooooood Evening Folks!


Balboa Parks Botanical Gardens Orchid Exhibit! My Favorite Flower Ever!

I no…I no…it has been about 3weeks since the last time I published a post and I want to apologies. Sooooo…I’m sorry! All I can say is…it has been an extremely difficult time for me these past few weeks. I think it would be better explain as a list!

  1. May 7th I lost the job I loved so so much. So, needless to say, I am now completely unemployed and without health insurance once again. I really loved my job. There were just somethings about that job that I couldn’t understand. For one…I don’t fraternize with persons that are of authority. That is something many practiced frequently. Second, I wasn’t part of the “cool crowd”, meaning I wasn’t one of the other’s best friend. By the time I was fired, somehow everyone had hired their best friends and management was fragmented in to tiny little crumbs. I really loved my job, but most of all…I loved my guest 😦 That is what hurt the most.
  2. Weigh-In on May 8th I gained 3lbs.
  3. IMG_1795Weigh-In on May 15th I gained 2lbs. By this time I was freaking out! There was only one thing that I had changed in my life…well two…first, I was fired from my job and the stress levels were out the roof. Second, I was in a lot of pain from working out so much that I was taking a little more pain medicine. But I got some good news on May 22nd.
  4. Weigh-In on May 22nd I lost 5lbs! So I went from losing a total of 20lbs, to gaining 5lbs, to losing 5lbs in 3weeks. It was such a roller-coaster ride that I really didn’t feel like talking about it, let alone blogging about it. So how did I fix this problem? I cut out the pain meds and changed the way I thought about stress and moved forward with a positive attitude.
  5. So I am looking for a new job in the same field. I love my city, and want to share with our visitors just how amazing San Diego really is! I do have to say IMG_1699that not having a job is really boring, but I am really trying to find things to do. I have been on several “second interviews”, and unfortunately it is a holiday weekend and know one is the office until tuesday…sigh…what is a girl to do?!? OH!….but I am taking orders for anyone that wants to come wash my dishes! I would offer to by you dinner or make you dinner but that wouldn’t be very fun for me.
  6. I have a new goal in mind that will stabilized my life immensely…forever! There is something in my blood that has been
    there forever….I want to be like my Dad, just like my Great Grand Father, and become a San Diego Deputy Sheriff! I have been talking to many people that have experience in the beginning stages of the hiring process. They have given me plenty of ideas of what I need to work on and work forward to doing in order to be in the best shape of my life. The test is going to be very similar to the probations test (in the since that it is an English based test). I am really excited to be given the opportunity to have such great influences in my life to guide me in the directions that fate will lead me to.
  7. I love my family! And I love spending time with them as much as I can. I love to soak up IMG_1609
    the memories that I make with each of the members of my family. If I can do that and also learn some valuable lessons in the mean time, those are the times IMG_1613I treasure the most. Sooooo I asked my Dad to take me turkey hunting! I have never been turkey hunting before, and it is something that makes my Dad smile, therefore, I want to try it out. There was a lot of sitting around doing nothing but talking and exchanging stories about the most random things, but it was the memory that we made right then is what means the world to me. I think I might want to get a bow for my 28th Birthday! Lol…and yes…that is my finger in the picture I told of my Dad. Ooops!


So with all these changes in my life, what have I learned? Well, for one, there are some crazy shows on during the day… but most of all I have learned to have more Patience! Nothing comes easy and that you can’t wait for a crutch to help you to get on your feet. You must learn how to get up yourself. The process of learning it yourself is something so much more value then waiting for someone to come along and give you a helping hand. Now I am not saying a helping hand here and there isn’t a bad thing, I am saying that you will learn more about yourself by doing it yourself. Learn to fail…learn to pick yourself up by yourself, and learn how to get back on your feet by doing the hard work yourself. When you say that you would rather get a free ride once in a while…just remember that you get what you pay for…

Cheers my loves!



May 3rd: Side-by-Side May 3, 2013

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Good Morning to my most spectacular Followers!

I just wanted to post a quick side-by-side from Day 1 (March 13th, 2013) until today, Day 50 (May 1st, 2013). There is a 20lbs difference in the two photos…You tell me…Do you see much of a difference?


With Glasses

Day One

Day One (March 13th, 2013) @ 187.5lbs

Day 51

Day Fifty (May 2nd, 2013) @ 167.6lbs


Without Glasses

Day One2

Day One (March 13th, 2013) @ 187.5lbs


Day Fifty (May 1st, 2013) @ 167.6lbs


What do you think? Can you see a difference?

(Please comment below)